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Frequently Asked Questions
Do I really need to follow up with patients?  They will tell me if they want something
A - This maybe true if you are a unicorn, but most dental offices are poor at follow up. Furthermore, most dental treatment is never performed (just think how many teeth are extracted that could be saved). Armed with more info your patients can make informed choices.
Is this the same as Lighthouse 360 or Demand Force and others?
A - Follow-App is 100% unlike anything else. This is NOT a scheduling or reminder system. Follow-App is a content messaging app that provides relevant information on procedures that your patients have expressed interest in.
Will it annoy my patients to get messages from my office?
A - Your good patients will never get annoyed if you are sharing relevant content with them. You wouldn't want to bombard people with content they don't need, but a subtle info-message dripped over time is valued.
Can my patients unsubscribe if they don't want to get messages anymore?
A - Yes most certainly. Your patients would simply click "unsubscribe" if they no longer wish to receive information from you
What does Follow-App include?
A - Follow-App subscribers get the app and the informational content. The app is needed to add patients and initiate campaigns. The content is what your patient receives by email and text.
Can I customize the content?
A - Yes. Annual subscriptions include an hour with our copy writer to ensure messaging is unique to your office. You can fully customize the messaging by purchasing additional time with our professional copy writer.
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